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See (Literally) If You Need Reading Glasses

March 28, 2022

Just as with the rest of your body, age affects your eyes. After you reach the four-decade mark, their natural internal lenses become less supple. It’s no longer as easy for them to focus from near to far. As the lenses lose their elasticity, it’s harder for you to see up-close. The condition is called presbyopia and may call for reading glasses. 

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Have you started to experience any of these symptoms of presbyopia? 

  • You get a headache and/or your eyes ache when you read, sew or perform other close work.
  • You must hold reading materials at arm’s length to get them in focus.
  • It’s tough to see small print in dim light.

If so, an optometrist will examine your eyes and write you a prescription whose power is based on the results. The optometrist can also recommend a strength for inexpensive reading glasses (commonly called “cheaters”) available at drug stores. If you already wear glasses for distance, consider bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses. 

If you opt for cheaters, you’ll find the intensity number on each pair’s tag. Reading glasses’ strengths are measured in units called diopters. The weakest strength is typically 1.00 diopters. The prescription powers increase by .25 diopters—1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00)—until they reach the limit of 4.00. 

Before you decide on which strength, take a few pairs for a “test drive” by holding a magazine or book 14 to 16 inches from your face. You might even want two potencies—one for close reading and another for middle distances such as your computer screen. Pick the weakest power that will fill your need. 

Keep in mind, however, that cheaters’ prescriptions probably won’t be the precise strength you need. But an optometrist’s prescription will be spot-on. 

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